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I'm a professional development and personal finance coach. I work directly with individuals and couples, small businesses and teams, and in partnership with clinics and mental health providers. I offer empathy, expertise, and advice to support you in your pursuit of better. 

When I'm not coaching, I teach in the Religion and Philosophy Division at Pepperdine University, in Malibu, CA, and I serve in the chaplain corps of the U.S. Military. 

I teach a course called the Theory and Practice of Living Well, in which I present research (my own and others', current and past) on practices that produce a well-lived life. The semester concludes with each student writing a "living well manifesto" in which they argue what it looks like to live well and how someone can do it. 

One weekend per month and 2 weeks per year I shave my beard and serve with the chaplain corps of the California National Guard. I have found tremendous personal meaning in serving my country by working with soldiers. 


I live my life in constant pursuit of what it means to live well. 

I wrote my masters thesis on the concept of growth through adversity. I am a voracious reader of both philosophical and practical thinkers on the pursuit of happiness through practices of meaning, discipline, resilience, and community. I am always elevating my knowledge through training and education programs. I practice what I learn and teach by living a life of physical, financial, and spiritual discipline. 

Education, Training & Certs

  • BA, Pepperdine University

  • MA, Pepperdine University

  • MDiv in progress, Northwest Nazarene University

  • Prep® 8.0 certified facilitator

  • Prepare-Enrich® certified facilitator

  • RelateStrong® certified facilitator

  • Ramsey Solutions® Financial Coach

  • Gottman Seven Principles® Couples Leader


Approach and methodology

My coaching approach is informed by my theological training and ongoing education. I utilize Intentional Change Theory and the Wheel of Life to frame a rhythm of vision-casting, assessment, and goal-setting. In my sessions, I use slides and visuals to illustrate models and frame questions, concepts, and exercises. I frequently provide "take home" work (always optional, always fun) for my clients to keep practicing and applying the things we discuss in our sessions. 


Visual learners AND verbal processors welcome. ​

I know the difference between therapy and coaching. I stay in my lane. 

I am very supportive of working with a professional therapist where and when appropriate. My services are not a replacement for therapy with a licensed counselor or psychiatrist. 

Coaching is NOT for you if:

  • you are so depressed you can't stop crying or can't get out of bed.

  • your anxiety is interfering with your day to day activities.

  • your addictions are ruining your ability to work or maintain relationships. 

Coaching IS for you if: 

  • you feel like you are stuck in a rut with your work, relationships, or physical health. 

  • you are facing a major life transition such as post-graduation, marriage, starting a family, building a business, mid-career pivot, or retirement. 

  • you like yourself and/or your primary relationship and you want things to be even better. 


Did you know I partner with therapists, clinics, and mental health providers? 

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Topics I cover in coaching

Clients choose to work with me for a variety of reasons and sometimes for no specific reason. You don't have to have a defined "problem to solve" when we begin a session. 

Common themes that emerge in coaching: 

  • Motivation

  • Preparation for marriage 

  • Career satisfaction and transition 

  • Personal finance 

  • Grief, particularly from loss of a parent 

  • Dating: becoming datable, meeting, connecting and discerning whether someone is compatible for you 

I believe physical wellbeing is a metaphor, symptom, and practice ground for internal realities.

But make no mistake, you'll never hear me say, "Man up and rub some dirt in it." Good living is on the other side of intentional integration—of your past with your present, of your beliefs with your actions, of your masculine with your feminine, of your thoughts with your muscle, sinew and bone. 

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Writing and publication

It's an honor to research and write about resilience and growth through adversity. 

Read my masters thesis, The Obstacle is the Way: Elective Stress for Spiritual Growth >>

Read Battle Tested: The Gift of Adversity >>

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