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Grow your practice by offering coaching

As a mental health provider, you know that there are no “one size fits all” solutions for your clients. Everyone has a different background and varying needs.


I bring a decade of experience of working one-on-one with individuals and partnership with mental health providers to offer coaching services to your clients. 


As part of a customized treatment plan, coaching can be an ideal way to integrate the tools your clients learn in therapy and apply them in practical ways to daily life. The result is better treatment and better long-term client satisfaction.

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What I offer:

  • Executive functioning and professional development

  • Life skills coaching (personal finance and time management) 

  • Spiritual mentorship

  • 7 Habits certified coaching 

  • Other trainings and certifications: PREP for Couples, 7 Habits for Families and Individuals, RelateStrong, Prepare-Enrich, Financial Coach

  • Convenient and flexible virtual sessions

  • Individual, couple, and group formats

  • Insured services

Grow your practice without adding more hours to your day. 

Decrease the load on your mental health staff so they can focus on their areas of expertise.

Charge whatever you want on top of my flat hourly fee of $105/50-minute session.

Attract new clients who are looking for professional and practical development.

Don’t send your clients somewhere else for life skills, executive functioning and ongoing development. 


Deliver the value your clients deserve with in-house coaching services tailored to their needs and treatment plan.  

Let's talk more about offering coaching to your clients.
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