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Are you ready to fast-track your growth? Coaching is the route. My research-based system combines gut-check questions, practical tools and skills, and regular accountability, all geared toward peace of mind in the present and clarity of purpose toward an ideal future.


You might be looking to achieve a specific goal (get a promotion, change careers, launch a new product, get fit, improve your marriage), adopt a healthier more holistic view of life, or drill down into one area such as personal finances or your relationships.

Working with a coach is the way to do it. 

50-minute sessions • Live video call format

Coaching for Personal Development

Process what’s going well and what’s not (and why) so you can set goals and create a path forward. Professional coaching (also called life coaching) is appropriate for any age or stage. We recommend starting with 6-8 weekly sessions. 

Couples Coaching

Dating, engaged, married, and anywhere in between. We’ll utilize our training in relationship skill development to address topics specific to your relationship goals. 

Couples sessions are led by a Prep®, Prepare/Enrich®, and MarriageStrong® trained facilitator.

Couples coaching can include assessments and materials for the Prepare/Enrich assessment (the #1 premarital and marriage assessment for over 35 years).

Depending on the circumstance, couples coaching is paired with wedding officiant services.

Personal Finance Coaching

Ideal for individuals or couples, this is your chance to establish a personal finance trajectory, including earning, budgeting, saving, spending, investing, and giving back. Led by a certified Ramsey Solutions Financial Master Coach.

Executive Functioning Coaching

Life skills coaching designed specifically for individuals who are looking to develop their time management, motivation, and  organization, so they can function better at school, work, and home. 



Pat Barber, coaching client 

We worked with Dusty with a focus on finance coaching. His ability to connect on a personal level with us an navigate our unique situation was invaluable. Having a neutral third party with tons of knowledge and clearly has our best intentions in mind allowed us to make tremendous gains during our sessions. We made so much progress and feel so good coming out of our coaching sessions with Dusty.
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